In today’s competitive business world, the need to become an effective performer is critically important. In fact, an individual contributor’s performance normally influences the employee’s merit raise, promotional opportunities and ultimately – his / her career advancement.

In like manner, organizations that cannot perform at high levels will find it difficult to compete in a rapidly changing business environment. Firms that are unable to unlock the key to stellar organizational performance are not only at a competitive disadvantage – they face extinction.

This book addresses performance issues, and is organized by topics that serve as the building blocks for success in business, regardless of one’s role. These include: Career Management, Coaching, Organizational Development, Team Building, Management, and Leadership.

Whether your objective is to be a superior individual contributor, or an excellent manager or leader, the practical advice contained in this book will help you achieve your goal.


“In Your Quest for Excellence” – Book Reviews

“I love books like these. It was a fast read and it was filled with practical advice. It gets straight to the point – no fluff! The examples based on personal experiences are especially motivating. Each chapter stands on its own, which will make the book easy to go back to again and again as a reference. Highly recommend.” – Tenaz (High School Business Teacher)                       

“Great book that illustrates the steps and goals in order to become a better person individually and as an organization. Through examples that he has experienced, he helps put these goals and steps in a real world perspective and explains how they can be applied. Would definitely recommend.” – Jana (Risk Analyst)                       

“The principles you share are timeless and essential to anyone looking to take their career and life to the next level. It was a simple read, yet it had all of the necessary ingredients needed to thrive in the marketplace” – Eustace (Investment Banking Sr. Vice President)                       

“Can’t say what I like best. It’s meaty, with substance everywhere.  Good advice for the business world, good advice for just living.” –                 Richard (Retired Professor of English)            

“Mr. Leventry has hit the proverbial nail on the head regarding the importance of ethical leadership and the servant leader. It is both instructive and informative, given today’s political environment. It is a must-read for all public servants, as well as private citizens in positions of leadership.” – Ana Mai (Claims Vice President)

“I enjoyed it very much.  So much so, I asked my wife to read it and now my daughter is going to read it.  I thought your book was very concise and clear in the information you addressed.” – Gerry (Private Wealth Advisor)

“Jeffrey’s book is contemporary, cogent and concise. Not a heavy lift, but a good road map to a successful career.  I could have used this guidance and advice as I entered the business world many years ago.” – Austin (Retired Reinsurance Executive)     

“Whether you are a newly minted manager, a seasoned leader, or simply looking to move up the corporate ladder, this book contains practical advice for everyone. As a manager with nearly 40 years of experience, I found the topics the author covered interesting and thought provoking.” – Edward (Banking Senior Executive)         

“The book provides meaningful lessons that can be applied to diverse subjects such as managing a team and working with technical specialists. This is a book that can be used to enrich all lives.” – Alex (Assessment Process Specialist)

“Whether you are new to the work force or a seasoned corporate executive, this compact and insightful book provides valuable ideas and action items to help improve your work life. The writer draws on both professional experiences, personal encounters, and other real-world examples to support his studies. The book contains methodologies that I have shared with my direct reports and valuable information for up-and-coming professionals. This is a very readable and influential reference book to keep handy for positive, inspirational outcomes for work, home projects, and coaching the next generation.” – Sylvia (Retired Senior Executive)

“To be a leader, or a team player, or to be self-employed, you need to be a careful and thoughtful manager of your time and your business relations. Jeffrey dedicated the book to his parents, and it is easy to see that, here, he has passed along their kindness and their wisdom. He makes an enormously strong case for developing the trust and honesty that is fundamental for successful teamwork: managers and those who are on the team must first develop HUMAN relationships in order to grow their teams and their businesses. The book addresses something I have never seen addressed in other books of this kind: the whole issue of ‘flying under the radar,’ a survival technique that we have all used at one point or another, and he offers a path to helping us out of this unhelpful corporate tendency. He also addresses, in a uniquely surefooted and grounded way, current and ongoing issues of workplace equality. In short, I know I will have this intelligent and insightful book on hand for a very long time, to re-read and learn from.” – Linda (College Professor & Photojournalist)

“Jeffrey reminds us of the fundamental building blocks necessary to achieve excellence. His prose is direct and clear. A great read if you want to sharpen your focus or reenergize your efforts to reach personal or organizational goals.” – Rich (Senior Attorney)

“Jeffrey synthesizes years of professional, executive experience and provides readers a hands-on approach to achieving career goals. Jeffrey discusses various leadership and development topics vital for career acceleration. As someone who is in corporate finance, this book was essential in helping me navigate the organizational challenges I have encountered.” – Jonathan (Financial Management Analyst)