In the professional sports’ world, most top-notch athletes have a personal coach who partners with them to produce superior performance. In the business world, more and more leaders and high potentials seek an executive coach to reach higher levels of performance, increased job satisfaction, personal growth and career development. In fact, seeking a coach or a trusted advisor is not seen as a sign of a fundamental problem or weakness, but rather a key attribute of being a superior leader / performer.

The idea behind working with an executive coach is to bring clarity to the issue and develop a plan of action for tackling it. Coaching can be boiled down to one simple concept – being a thought partner.  We are:

  • business savvy
  • intuitive about business and interpersonal dynamics
  • neutral in our assessment

and can tailor our approach to suit individual client needs.

Our Approach

We employ a 4-step process to achieve coaching success:

  • Gain mutual understanding of the current reality as it is perceived by the client and others via data collection and feedback
  • Determine coaching goals, desired results and measurable objectives
  • Explore alternative approaches / ideas for how to attain the agreed-upon objectives
  • Through dialogue, the client makes choices for action, including next steps, milestones and other elements of a coaching action plan

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Jeff possesses over 20 years of coaching experience and expertise as a Manager and Business Unit Leader in the corporate world and is passionate about developing people to reach their potential. He has coached employees at all levels in many diverse job roles and has achieved success where others have failed. He is certified through the Association for Talent Development (ATD) and InsideOut Development.

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