Team Building

team building

In most organizations, the untapped performance potential from teams is enormous. While the fundamental value of team performance is well known, many teams fall short of their full potential for any number of reasons, including: lack of clear objectives, trust or chemistry; the absence of honest and open communication or a failure of leadership.

For teams that have unlocked the key to success, the benefits are unlimited and include: increased productivity and efficiency, improved collaboration / innovation and quality of work product, enhanced morale and increased job satisfaction. These in turn drive organizational success and help build a sense of solidarity within the firm.

Our Approach

Whether you are building a new high-performance team or attempting to transform an exisitng under-performing team, we can help you achieve your objectives by performing the following services:

Building New Teams:

  • Assess business strategy and needs
  • Support development of optimal organization structure
  • Develop position descriptions (including competency models)
  • Support recruiting (including interviewing candidates)

Transforming Existing Teams:

  • Diagnose issues, problems and concerns
  • Develop a focused corrective action plan
  • Conduct team building sessions and other interventions
  • Assess / monitor progress to achieve desired result


Jeff possesses over 20 years of team building experience and expertise in business and has created and led high-performance teams that consistently exceeded performance expectations.

He has also authored an article for Chief Learning Officer magazine that provides the five essential ingredients that make up a high-performance team: 

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