Decision Making

PrintThe Art and Science of Sound Decision Making

In today’s business world, professionals at all levels are required to make sound business decisions on a routine basis as part of their role in the organization. Those who consistently make good decisions that yield optimal outcomes raise their profile and add value to their firm.

This course focuses on examining factors that move decision making away from a purely rational process by examining how individual, group, and organizational factors may influence the decision making process. The goal is for participants to come away with a deeper understanding of the organizational and human dimensions of decision making, while also developing an understanding of ways in which decision making effectiveness can be improved in organizational environments by applying the “WRAP” process developed by Chip & Dan Heath.

Course Summary

The Art & Science of Sound Decision Making is an activity-based one day program that provides the learner with foundation decision making strategies and practical tools that improve outcomes. It is based upon the book “Decisive – How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work” by Chip & Dan Heath.

This program is equally applicable to individual contributors and managers / leaders who are responsible for making both tactical and strategic decisions. Program participants leave the course with the tools to immediately apply what they learned (including new approaches and strategies) to improve their decision making performance.

Upon completion of this course, each participant should be able to:

  • Understand the “four villains” that prevent us from making optimal decisions:
    • We have too narrow a focus
    • We fall into confirmation bias
    • We get caught in short-term emotion
    • We are guilty of overconfidence
  • Apply the four-step decision-making process (“WRAP”) originated by Chip & Dan Heath to make better decisions:
    • Widen your options
    • Reality-test your assumptions
    • Attain distance before deciding
    • Prepare to be wrong


The instructor is an Adjunct Professor at Rider University where he teaches Managerial Decision Making (an MBA course). He is also an Adjunct Professor at The College of New Jersey where he teaches Decision Making (Seminar for Senior Business Majors) and Strategic Management (the capstone course for Business Majors). He possesses over 20 years of corporate management / leadership experience and expertise.

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