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In today’s business world, the need to become an effective influencer is of critical importance. In fact, influencing skills are necessary for anyone in business, whether a person is a manager, a salesperson or holds some other position. It plays an important role in your ability to perform your job and the ability to interact effectively with your colleagues, as well as your friends and acquaitances.  Those who lack this skill are at a competitive disadvantage and are less likely to succeed in business and in life.

Course Summary

Influencing Skills 101 is an activity-based one day program that provides the learner with the foundation principles of influence and an understanding of the nature and impact of influence. The learner will receive insight into the Bases of Power that provide the ability to influence others and become aware of tactics and techniques that can be utilized to achieve more successful outcomes, especially in difficult or conflict situations.

This program is equally applicable to entry-level employees as well as those who exert influence by virtue of their senior position in the organization. Program participants leave the course with the ability to immediately apply what they learned (including tactics and techniques) to improve their ability to influence others.


The instructor is a skilled negotiator / influencer who possesses over 20 years of negotiation experience and expertise. He has taught learners across the country who possess varying degrees of experience and skill. He is certified as an instructor of “Negotiation Techniques” by The Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School.

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