Best-in-class organizations have implemented Mentoring Programs and have reaped enormous benefits (both individual and organizational) from such development programs. Among other things, a well-designed Mentoring Program can facilitate personal growth and career mobility, enhance recruiting efforts, improve employee retention and increase collaboration and trust across the organization.

A Mentoring Program should be part of the overall Career Development Model and can be targeted at a specific audience (such as high potentials) or a general population of employees.

Our Approach

Whether you are developing an informal program or a more formal, structured mentoring program, we can help you achieve your objectives by performing the following services:

Informal Mentoring Program:

  • Support the Mentor / Protégé matching process
  • Provide training to Mentors and Protégés
  • Coach Mentors in the performance of their role

Formal Mentoring Program:

  • Design the program proposal (including the framework / structure)
  • Develop mentoring program materials (including the guidelines and the mentoring agreement)
  • Support the Mentor / Protégé matching process
  • Provide training to Mentors and Protégés
  • Create program oversight / governance approach


Jeff possesses over 20 years of mentoring experience and expertise and has created and led both informal and formal mentoring programs that have delivered excellent business results.

He has also designed and instructed training programs for both Mentors and Protégés that:

  • describe the phases of the mentoring journey
  • articulate the attitudes and behaviors that can be expected as the relationship unfolds
  • provide approaches for supporting / guiding the Protégé along the way

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